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Dominikh Honnef




06:25 PM subtle Wiki edit: Blamelist (#11)
fix various typing/grammar mistakes


12:52 AM subtle Bug #267 (Closed): Subtlext::Sublet#data returning wrong value
Subtlext::Sublet#data seems to be returning the ID or some internal ordering of the sublets, instead of the data. Coi...


06:38 PM subtle Bug #259 (Fixed): Subtle crashes if no :unoccupied style is defined
When trying to run subtle with a config that does not define a style for :unoccupied, subtle displays a stacktrace.


02:25 PM subtle Feature #216 (Fixed): Temporarily treat all screens as one
Sometimes I'd like to treat all screens as one single big screen (for applications that really need a lot of space). ...
02:24 PM subtle Feature #215 (Rejected): Support virtual screens, splitting real screens into multiple parts
It would be nice if each real screen could be further divided into virtual screens to allow displaying multiple views...


12:34 AM subtle Support #208 (Fixed): Merge the mpd, smpd, mpdplus, smpdplus sublets
Over time, people decided to fork the mpd sublet instead of contributing changes to it.
So I decided to take all fou...


01:54 AM subtle Feature #199 (Fixed): Add a min_width attribute
A min_width attribute would guarantee that the title has always a specified minimum length. This would avoid separato...
01:49 AM subtle Bug #198 (Fixed): The width attribute of the clients style does not truncate the title
When setting the width attribute, one would assume that it truncates the title. Instead, the title overflows into the...
01:44 AM subtle Bug #197 (Fixed): The margin_left of a separator next to the views item will not be interpreted correctly
If I have a separator next to the views item (which side does not matter) and give the separator a margin_left, the m...


02:18 AM subtle Wiki edit: Blamelist (#6)

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