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h1. Tagging\015\012\015\012{{>toc}}\015\012\015\012[[Tags]] are generally used in [[subtle]] for placement of windows. This placement is *mandatory*, that means that  - aside from other tiling window managers - windows _must have_ a matching [[Tags|tag]] to be on a certain [[Views|view]]. This also includes that windows that are started on a certain view will not automatically be placed there.\015\012\015\012There are to ways to define a [[Tags|tag]] in the [[config]]:\015\012* with a "string":\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"tag" => "xterm"\015\012</code></pre>\015\012* with a "hash": of properties\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"tag" => { :regex => "xterm|[u]?rxvt", :gravity => 5 }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h2. Default\015\012\015\012Whenever a window has no [[Tags|tag]] it will get the +default+ [[Tags|tag]] and be placed on the default [[Views|view]]. The +default+ [[Views|view]] can either be set by the user with adding the +default+ [[Tags|tag]] to a [[Views|view]] by choice or otherwise the first defined view will be chosen automatically.\015\012\015\012Example:\015\012\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012 VIEWS = [\015\012  { "terms" => "terms" },\015\012  { "www"   => "default|browser" },\015\012  { "dev"   => "editor" }\015\012]\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h2. Properties\015\012\015\012Additionally [[tags]] can do a lot more then just control the placement - they also have properties than can define and control some aspects of a window like the default gravity or the default screen per view.\015\012\015\012h3. float\015\012\015\012This property either sets the tagged [[Clients|client]] floating or prevents it from being floating depending on the value.\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"float"   => { :regex => "xterm", :float => true }\015\012"nofloat" => { :regex => "xterm", :float => false }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h3. full\015\012\015\012This property either sets the tagged [[Clients|client]] to fullscreen or prevents it from being set to fullscreen depending on the value.\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"full"   => { :regex => "xterm", :full => true }\015\012"nofull" => { :regex => "xterm", :full => false }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h3. gravity\015\012\015\012This property sets a certain to [[gravity]] to the tagged [[Clients|client]], but +only+ on [[views]] that have this tag too.\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"gravity" => { :regex => "xterm", :gravity => 8 }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h3. match\015\012\015\012This property influcences the matching of [[tags]], per default [[tags]] will only match the "WM_NAME": and the "WM_CLASS": portion of a [[Clients|client]]. \015\012\015\012Match expects an "array": with following possible values:\015\012\015\012| *&#58;title* | match the title which is also visible in the [[panel]] |\015\012| *&#58;name*  | match the {{color(#ff0000, WM_NAME)}}                  |\015\012| *&#58;class* | match the {{color(#0000ff, WM_CLASS)}}                 |\015\012\015\012There are several ways to get these values, here are the most common:\015\012\015\012* "xprop": Just select the window and have a look for the "WM_CLASS": line which usually look like this:\015\012\015\012p{class:pre}. WM_CLASS(STRING) = "{{color(#ff0000, urxvt)}}", "{{color(#0000ff, URxvt)}}")\015\012\015\012* [[subtler]]: Run *[[subtler]] -cl* and look for the matching line:\015\012\015\012p{class:pre}. 0x800007 * 1 100x100 5 0 --- {{color(#ff0000, xterm)}} ({{color(#0000ff,XTerm)}})\015\012\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"match"   => { :regex => "xterm", :match => [ :title, :class ] }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h3. regex \015\012\015\012This property sets the matching pattern for a [[Tags|tag]]. Matching works either via plain, regex (see "regex(7)": or window id. If a pattern matches more than once ONLY the first match will be used. \015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"regex" => { :regex => "xterm" }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h3. resize\015\012\015\012This property either enables or disables honoring of client resize hints and is independent of the global option.\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"resize" => { :regex => "xterm", :resize => true }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h3. screen\015\012\015\012This property sets a certain to screen to the tagged [[Clients|client]], but +only+ on [[views]] that have this tag too. _Please keep in mind that screen count starts with 0 for the first screen._\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"screen" => { :regex => "xterm", :screen => 1 }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h3. size\015\012\015\012This property sets a certain to size as well as floating to the tagged [[Clients|client]], but +only+ on [[views]] that have this tag too. It expects an "array": with *x*, *y*, *width* and *height* values.\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"size" => { :regex => "xterm", :size => [ 10, 10, 100, 100 ] }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h3. stick\015\012\015\012This property either sets the tagged [[Clients|client]] to stick or prevents it from being set to stick depending on the value. Stick [[clients]] are visible on +every+ [[Views|view]].\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"stick"   => { :regex => "xterm", :stick => true }\015\012"nostick" => { :regex => "xterm", :stick => false }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h3. urgent\015\012\015\012This property either sets the tagged [[Clients|client]] to be urgent or prevents it from being urgent depending on the value. Urgent [[clients]] will get keyboard and mouse focus +automatically+.\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"urgent"   => { :regex => "xterm", :urgent => true }\015\012"nourgent" => { :regex => "xterm", :urgent => false }\015\012</code></pre>\015\012\015\012h2. Examples\015\012\015\012<pre><code class="ruby">\015\012"bashrun" => { :regex => "bashrun", :size => [ 50, 1000, 200, 28 ], :stick => true, :float => true, :urgent => true, :screen => 0  }\015\012"browser" => { :regex => "uzbl|midori", :gravity => 5, :screen => 1 }\015\012</code></pre>