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Anonymous, 05/23/2010 11:21 PM

Sublets\015\012\015\012Sublets are small Ruby scripts written in a small DSL that provide things like system information for the panel. They are well included in the main loop of subtle and are limited to 1s of execution time for safety reasons. \015\012\015\012Additionally there is sur for managing sublets in a rubygems like fashion. A complete list of the sublets that are available in sur can be found here a sublet from scratch is really easy, just create an empty sublet with sur like this:\015\012\015\012bq. sur template foo\015\012\015\012A compending list of the classes with it's functionality can be found in rdoc and informations about the available unit tests in the hacking section.\015\012\015\012h2. Types\015\012\015\012Generally there are two different types of sublets:\015\012* sublets that are updated by given interval in seconds (default 60s)\015\012* sublets that are updated when a file is modified (via inotify) or via socket\015\012\015\012The sublet data must be of type String, everything else will be ignored.\015\012\015\012h2. Events\015\012\015\012Sublets are event driven, so there are some specific events only for sublets and it's also possible to use any existing hook.\015\012\015\012*Specific events:*\015\012\015\012| :mouse_over | Whenever the pointer is over the sublet |\015\012| :mouse_down | Whenever the pointer is pressed on the sublet. Can have three arguments: x, y, button. |\015\012| :mouse_out | Whenever the pointer leaves the sublet |\015\012| :run | Whenever either the interval time is expired |\015\012| :unload | Whenever the sublet will be unloaded |\015\012| :watch | Whenever the watched file is modified/socket has data ready |\015\012\015\012h2. Customization\015\012\015\012The color of the ouput of a Sublets can be changed in this way:\015\012\015\012
configure :colorful do |s|\015\012        ="#ff0000")\015\012      ="#00ff00")\015\012       ="#0000ff")\015\012  s.background = "#303030"\015\012end\015\012\015\012on :run do\015\012 = + "su" + + "bt" + + "le"\015\012end
\015\012\015\012There is also a way to add a X bitmap to a sublet:\015\012\015\012
configure :iconized do |s|\015\012  s.icon ="/usr/share/icons/subtle.xbm")\015\012end\015\012\015\012on :run do |s|\015\012 = @icon + "subtle"\015\012end
\015\012\015\012A nice collection of this pixmap can be found Subtle" class="external">here</a> will add a padding of 3px left and right of the pixmap, so keep that in mind when using the click hooks._\015\012\015\012h2. Examples\015\012\015\012Below is the code of a shipped sublets that displays the time. It should be really straight forward:\015\012\015\012
configure :clock do |s|\015\012  s.interval = 60 #< Set interval time\015\012end\015\012\015\012on :run do |s|\015\012 ="%d%m%y%H%M") #< Set data\015\012end
\015\012\015\012Another example for the inotify sublet which is also included within subtle:\015\012\015\012
configure :notify do |s|\015\012  s.file = "/tmp/watch"\015\012\015\012end\015\012\015\012on :run do\015\012  begin\015\012 = IO.readlines(@file).first.chop #< Read data and strip\015\012  rescue => err #< Catch error\015\012    puts err\015\012 = "subtle"\015\012  end\015\012end
\015\012\015\012The watch command also works with Ruby sockets, but be aware of blocking I/O:\015\012\015\012
configure :socket do |s|\015\012  s.socket ="localhost", 6600)\015\012\015\012end\015\012\015\012on :watch do |s|\015\012  begin\015\012 = s.socket.readline.chop #< Read data and strip\015\012  rescue => err #< Catch error\015\012    puts err\015\012 = "subtle"\015\012  end\015\012end\015\012\015\012on :run do |s|\015\012  #  Do nothing\015\012end
\015\012\015\012_Subtle will automatically set sockets to O_NONBLOCK._\015\012\015\012And finally an example with a click callback:\015\012\015\012
configure :click do |s|\015\012  s.interval = 999 #< Do nothing\015\012end\015\012\015\012on :mouse_down do |s, x, y, button|\015\012  Subtlext::Client["xterm"].raise\015\012  puts x, y, button\015\012end\015\012\015\012on :run do |s|\015\012  # Do nothing here\015\012end