New gravity system

Added by Christoph Kappel over 8 years ago

I finally pushed the changes to the gravity system into the repo. It's a bit different and maybe harder to grasp, therefore I also updated the default config and added lots of comments and information into it. The main advantage of the new system is that gravities now can be fully customized in a suitable manner.

Please have a look at the new default config in /etc/xdg/subtle and also be aware that the :size property of tags is now :geometry. Subtler and subtlext have also been updated for the new system.

Updates and bugfixes

Added by Christoph Kappel almost 9 years ago

The current revision (1465) contains many fixes for placement in xinerama, as well as an updated tag properties which will be soon explained in the wiki. To make long short: Tags can match title, name and/or class of a window now!

Also the config changed slightly, :caption has been renamed to :title in the panel config. subtle with an older config will just not show the title of the focus window.


Added by Christoph Kappel about 9 years ago

Today is update time: I updated this Redmine to the latest trunk and also added a new subtle snapshot of 0.8.1191 which I am running for a while now without any problems.


Added by Christoph Kappel about 9 years ago

Currently there exist only three type of hooks, more are planned. Inside of this hooks can every feature of subtlext be used.

The following hooks exist so far:

Triggers on new clients and has the new client as parameter:
"HookCreate" => { |c| puts }

Triggers on view jumps and has the active view as parameter:
"HookJump" => { |v| puts }

Triggers when a client gets focus and has the focussed client as parameter:
"HookFocus" => { |c| puts }

subtle on 64bit

Added by Christoph Kappel about 9 years ago

Currently subtle will not work well on 64bit, actually I don't have the hardware to check the errors there and therefore this will untested until I get new hardware (which will hopefully be soon) or someone volunteers.

Lots of changes lately

Added by Christoph Kappel about 9 years ago

The current snapshot of the repo contains lots of fixtures and changes that also include the format of the config file. Please check your current config and have a look at the shipped config.

Unit tests for subtlext

Added by Christoph Kappel over 9 years ago

I finally added unit tests for subtlext - it's easier now to check if the extension is broken due API changes etc.
For convenience the test suite is included in the buildtree and easily be run with rake test.

Happy New Year

Added by Christoph Kappel over 9 years ago

Quite lot happened this year and subtle changed a lot - but made also good progresses. In the next year we are going to celebrate the first stable release of subtle!

If anybody reads this: I wish you all a happy new year and all the best!


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