Adjusting gravities on-the-fly with mouse

Added by Ahmad Jagot about 9 years ago

I've almost switched over from xmonad to subtle, but there's one thing holding me back - resizing gravities on-the-fly with the mouse. I really like the gravity paradigm but I'd like to resize gravities when I W+rightclick, not individual windows.

For example, in the following diagram, I want to be able to drag the 'x' and have the surrounding lines follow suit - is that possible?

|    |    |
|    x----|
|    |    |

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RE: Adjusting gravities on-the-fly with mouse - Added by Christoph Kappel about 9 years ago

Hello Ahmad,

well this behaviour isn't intended and not easy to achieve. In subtle neither views not clients do really know anything about the layout. This can probably done with a mouse grab, but involves some recalculation or gravities. To make this possible I need to add a) x/y coordinates to grab procs and b) a way to change gravities per runtime.

I will add both and think of a way to do it, although I am not really fond of it.