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21:20 subtle Feature #205 (Confirmed): Panel/spacer border setting.
Right now, there doesn't seem to be a way to add a border (colored or otherwise) to the :spacer within a panel, or to...


18:40 subtle Wiki edit: Gravity (#24)
Fixed tags to reflect new gravities.


23:25 subtle Bug #203: Gravity calculation issue
Ah, a final note:
I know you don't need me to calculate the correct placement. I was just trying to figure out if ...
23:13 subtle Bug #203: Gravity calculation issue
Whoops, that calculation IS wrong; I was calculating the position of a window placed at gravity [0, 88, 100, 25]. For...
23:08 subtle Bug #203 (Fixed): Gravity calculation issue
This issue was first reported by dwfreed, and confirmed by lchr and unexist on IRC.
Using a 1680x1050 screen with ...

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